I use proven tools and methods to help my clients to get the best training program


During the training of my guests, my attention is maximized so that we can do quality work and achieve our goals.


With hard and persistent work, everything can be reached. The beginning is always difficult, but then the result speaks for itself. Never give up!

Going to the gym without pain? Do you have a hard time training after a long day of work? Or has your training plan found on the internet just become boring and you don’t see progress? Pain-free workout? Or maybe you feel yourself super exhausted before your training? Or had enough from your trainig plan that was found on the internet because not see any progress?

Pain free workout

Our world today is really characterized by sedentary work, wherever you are in the office or even behind the wheel. All of this isn’t really good for our posture. It’s worth noting what position we are sitting in front of the machine: Leaning forward, we stare at the monitor with a curved back for several hours, of which we are the biggest loser, as this deteriorates our posture and brings out common distractions such as back or back pain. Our body was not “invented” to spend 10-12 hours in a chair, but to be constantly in motion, as our posture plays a very important role in protecting our spine. Due to the lack of exercise lifestyle, our torso-stabilizing muscles are weakened, back and lumbar pains appear, which after a long time will lead to the fact that it will be a disturbing factor in everyday life, and in the worst case scenario it will hinder you from doing your job!

So what kind of workout should you do?

By no means you should not to follow a fitness modell’s plan! Its been designed for that model but not for you! Can cause many problems and issues in the rear future! My training program is tailored for you, where we do exercises that we can definitely improve on your problems and you can achieve the desired goal in less time than you would think.

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Personal trainer

I am Attila Horváth, a fitness and sports rehabilitation coach. Sports being part of my life since im a little kid. I tried my luck in many sports (Football, rugby, American football) but in the end I really got caught up in weight training! As a kid, I knew I wanted to work as a coach like my dad. My main desire is to help me achieve the goals of people who want to play sports! In 2016, I moved back from England, after which I graduated at IWI International Fitness school and started working as a personal trainer at the F3 gym in Pécs. In June 2019, I moved to the capital city, where I first work full-time in the MoM Wellness and then in the Daily Fitness. My trainings are done with maximum professionalism and attention to achieve our goals. For the sake of my guests, I am constantly educate myself so that we can always do new, professional training workouts together! My favorite motto is no coincidence: “No sacrifice, no victory.”

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